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Know Your Design Workshop

Know Your Design

This introductory experience takes you on a journey through your design and reveals your authentic, unconditioned communication style and life strategies. You leave with simple yet practical tools and strategies for making the most of your true self.

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Live Your Design Workshop

Live Your Design

Experience the feeling of being out of balance with your design and the power of making a small adjustment to your strategy, behavior or awareness to be successful. Come away with concrete tools and experiences that will be your guides to eliminate internal resistance and fear in order to live in a relaxed, creative way.

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Connect Your Design Workshop

Connect Your Design

We interact with other people in all arenas. Learn and practice relationship strategies that cut through conflict and resistance and allow you to express yourself fully and powerfully. Communicate and behave in a way that attracts, inspires and influences others.

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Private Consultations

Growing up, we are all taught the same basic strategies for living. These strategies don’t allow for the unique beings each of us are. And yet, much of the emotional stress we suffer from can be traced back to various decisions we’ve made, both during our day and throughout our entire lives.

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What Others Say

I learned how my Design interacts with others and how I was causing myself more stress and frustration because I was not being authentic. Life has taken on a Zen-like quality — more serene, more fulfillment.
Marian S.
My life makes sense and my business is abundant with offers pouring in like never before.
Mako R.
Julien has provided tools that help me center, quickly handle or work through mental, emotional and/or physical negative feelings and stay centered….It allows me to be my best self no matter what is going on or what I am feeling.
Jeff T.
Knowing my Human Design really has made it easier and with less doubt along the way.
Christy B.
Understanding my HD allows me to choose the experiences that I want, that create the most value, happiness and fulfillment for me.
Joy M.
My earnings have increased, my relationships have deepened, and my understanding of myself has progressed to a level I always desired.
Erin T.
The clear and practical knowledge to help oneself get the most out of life is a true gift and one I was seeking.
Kyran B.
I now make decisions easily and clearly. I also understand myself much better and have discovered strengths I really didn’t know I had.
Leticia G.
Human Design opened my heart to an entire new level of love and compassion for myself.
Tanya M.

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