Private Consultations

Be in the flow of your life, as you discover your authentic self.

Growing up, we are all taught the same basic strategies for living. These strategies don’t allow for the unique beings each of us are. And yet, much of the emotional stress we suffer from can be traced back to various decisions we’ve made, both during our day and throughout our entire lives.

Through your design you can learn decision-making and behavior strategies that are are fine-tuned to you. Make choices that are consistently aligned with your internal truth. Show up powerfully, and easily enroll others in your visions. Manifest quickly, as you learn to make decisions that are perfect for you.

Foundational Analysis

This initial, fundamental and powerful analysis is your entry into discovering your authentic self. Gain insight into the decision-making, communication, and behavioral strategies that are in alignment with who you are. Learn how to express your true self and life purpose. Transcend your conditioning and tap into your deep wellspring of capability and creativity.

Compatibility Analysis

This detailed consultation explores the relationship between two people’s designs. As you learn how to communicate effectively and understand each other’s strengths and vulnerabilities, awareness replaces misunderstanding.