Think of your design as your personal roadmap for understanding You and your true self, your potential and the inner direction that is uniquely yours. I had my Foundational Analysis more than a year ago—it reinforced things I knew about myself though could not really explain why. More important, I learned how my design type interacts with others and how I was causing myself more stress and frustration because I was not being authentic to my true self.

The analysis is rich and robust—I consider it an invaluable resource for realizing your goals while directing your energy in productive and fulfilling ways. I’m no longer reacting to each and every challenge at work or at home because others expect me to handle them. Instead, I choose to respond when my gut tells me. As a result, my life has taken on a Zen-like quality—more serene, more fulfillment.

Thanks, Julien!

~ Marian S.

I think perhaps one of the best things about working with my design and Julien’s coaching—it allows me to be my best self no matter what is going on or what I am feeling. Julien has provided tools that help me center, quickly handle or work through mental, emotional and/or physical negative feelings and stay centered. He and my design have given me the ability to make choices from a place that always feels secure, grounded and aligned with what’s meant to be.

As a result, I’ve been able to open up to love and what’s possible in a new way, to take a stand for what I want in life. Mostly, I now know that by just checking in with myself as to how I feel about whatever it is, I am now putting myself first and including myself in every decision I make, instead of leaving myself last, so I get to powerfully participate in my life.

~ Jeff T.

Due to Asian Culture I was taught from the moment I was born that I had to take care of my family and everyone else. Everything was always about taking care of others.

With my design I learned that I am good the way I am. I am now putting myself first and I have so much energy. I am doing yoga everyday and eating organic because that is my choice. I have slowed down so that I don’t make decisions quickly with my emotions, and wow has it made a difference! My life makes sense and my business is abundant with offers pouring in like never before. Everything has changed so dramatically for the better.

I am so thankful and am having so much success since I learned about my design that it is hard to believe. I cannot recommend it enough!

~ Mako R.

Since taking Julien’s “Know Your Design” workshop, and applying the information I learned, I:

  1. Ended a long standing, unsupportive relationship
  2. Had my two highest earning months ever in my business
  3. Increased my level of client, i.e. bigger budgets and more challenging projects
  4. Met the most amazing, incredible guy!
  5. Got a new car – my first new car ever!
  6. Had a new computer gifted to me out of the blue
  7. Moved into a significantly nicer home
  8. Traveled and vacationed more in one year than I had in the previous 7 years
  9. Had the freedom to visit my family twice in one year (I hadn’t been home in 4 years!)
  10. Got engaged!!!
  11. Shot a show for a major cable network (a secret dream of mine for forever)
  12. Lost 20 pounds
  13. Am more confident than ever that not only am I on the right path for me, but that I am also sure to achieve what it is I desire and, most importantly, have a frickin’ incredible and amazing time doing it. That’s pretty awesome if you ask me.

Much love and thanks to Kathryn and Julien for helping to facilitate all the wonderful transformations and results in my life.  Make no mistake about it, a lot of awareness and consciousness went into everything that has happened and that is work…but knowing my design really has made it easier and with less doubt along the way.

~ Christy B.

Human Design is a powerful tool for those who want to effectively interact with people and situations to achieve the best outcomes for their life. I have personally used my HD to validate what projects or people I want to work on or with. Understanding my HD allows me to choose the experiences that I want, that create the most value, happiness and fulfillment for me.

~ Joy M.

My work with Julien and my design has brought me to a place where I now make sense to myself. I am learning to teach myself, and others the best way to be with me. I have incorporated a vast skill set, and tools to maximize my potential in all areas. My earnings have increased, my relationships have deepened, and my understanding of myself has progressed to a level I always desired. I am ever growing, and ever becoming more of who I was born to be. Julien’s work with Human Design has brought me home, to the real me.

Warm Wishes,

~ Erin T.

My design has given me insight to why I attract and get along with the types of people in my life. It has made meeting people so much more exciting, and in retrospect, has helped me appreciate the saying about friends for a reason, a season or a lifetime. At first, I was fascinated by its diverse compilation of eastern traditional practices and now, I am looking forward to exercising the Human Design tools in my path to accomplish my life goals.

~ Ermelinda V.