Learn Strategies That Are Fine-Tuned To You

Human Design is a system for presenting your unique map of behaviors, that you can use in your everyday life. Some people consider your Human Design a personalized “Owner’s Manual” for your body.

Growing up, we are all taught the same basic strategies for living. These strategies don’t allow us to be unique individuals. Under the influence of our family, teachers and friends, most people can not tell the difference between who they are and who they have been conditioned to be.

But through your design you can learn strategies that are fine-tuned to you and give you direct access to your true self. You will experience more energy and lower internal resistance. You will be able to make perfect decisions, align others to your visions, manifest quickly and show up powerfully. Conditioning becomes background noise, as your personality shines through.

Know Your Design

This introductory experience takes you on a journey through your design and reveals your authentic, unconditioned communication style and life strategies. You leave with simple yet practical tools and strategies for making the most of your true self.

As you discover how to tap into the knowledge available to you through your mind, heart, body and environment, you will learn to make concrete choices with confidence, and create real and powerful changes in your life.

You learn:

  • How to read and use of your unique Human Design chart
  • The specific behaviors that most enable you to be your true, authentic self
  • Your natural decision-making tools for making choices that are completely in alignment with who you are
  • Personalized strategies that keep you in the flow of your life

Live Your Design

Experience the feeling of being out of balance with your design and the power of making a small adjustment to your strategy, behavior or awareness to be successful. Come away with concrete tools and experiences that will be your guides to eliminate internal resistance and fear in order to live in a relaxed, creative way.

Individual and group exercises enable you to practice embodying your design and give you a more full understanding of the dynamics at play both within and around you.

You learn:

  • What it feels like to be operating in tune with your design
  • The signs that you are out of balance, and how to regain your flow
  • How to use and fine tune your natural decision-making tools so that they become completely trustable

Connect Your Design

We interact with other people in all arenas. Learn and practice relationship strategies that cut through conflict and resistance and allow you to express yourself fully and powerfully. Communicate and behave in a way that attracts, inspires and influences others.

In this group experience you get an opportunity to see how you impact others, and are impacted, as your personal designs come into connection with one another. You will understand how you connect to others, how the attractions, resonances, and conflicts play out, and come away with strategies that will enable you to lower resistance in relationships and create alignment.

You learn:

  • How the different design types relate and respond to each other
  • What it feels like to relate to someone through your unique design
  • Your specific behaviors that best enable you to build connections and influence others